Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Water-Wrinkle Fairies

Water Wrinkle Mermaid Fairy

Originally written on July 10th, 2010

by Isabella, 4 years old

There once was a little girl named Rosie who loved to take baths. She always took long baths and played with bath toys. She also loved bubble baths and liked having lots of soapy bubbles in the water. Sometimes she laid down in the bath and pretended she was a mermaid floating in the ocean.

The only problem with taking long baths was that, by the time she got out of the bath, the skin on her fingers would wrinkle up and look like skin-colored prunes. Rosie decided to find out why this happened. She came up with a plan.

The next time she took a long bath, Rosie only to pretended to be playing. She also didn’t put any bubbles in the bath. She kept her eyes looking at her fingers the whole time. After she had been in the bath for a while, she saw lots of little sparkles in one part of the water. Soon the sparkles turned into a tiny little mermaid!

The mermaid had fairy wings and she swam over to Rosie’s fingers. She had a magic seashell and used it to spray magic water at Rosie’s fingers. Everywhere that the magic water hit Rosie’s fingers, the skin would wrinkle up.

Rosie reached down into the water and picked up the mermaid fairy. At first, the mermaid fairy was frightened, but Rosie told her not to be afraid. Rosie learned that the tiny mermaid’s name was Flower. Flower explained that she and others like her were Water-Wrinkle Fairies. She told Rosie that she was sorry for causing the wrinkles on her fingers, but it never lasted and it was something that water-wrinkle fairies always did. Flower explained that she and other mermaid fairies thought it was very funny to do and it made them happy.

Rosie decided that, since it never lasted long, she didn’t mind having pruned fingers. It was a small price to pay to make the pretty water-wrinkle fairies happy.

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