Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Plum Fairy

The Plum Fairy
by Isabella Fyfe, age 4

There was once a little fairy who took care of the plums that grew in a forest path next to a park. She helped the plums to grow, because she was a Plum Fairy and that is what Plum Fairies do. She only needed plums to feed her fairy friends and herself, so she only grew very tiny plums in the plum trees.

One day, a group of children wandered from the park and into the forest. The Plum Fairy hid behind some leaves on one of her plum trees and watched them. She thought they looked hungry.

The children picked a few plums, but the plums were so small that the children remained hungry. When the children left, the Plum Fairy felt sad for them and wished she had grown larger plums so that the children could have eaten enough to be filled up.

From that day onwards, she started growing larger plums. She still grew some small plums for her fairy friends and family, but she also grew large plums for whenever humans came onto the forest path, so that no one would ever have to go hungry in her forest.

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