Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Tangle Fairies


by Isabella, 3 years old

A little girl named Bella had long blonde hair, and her mommy brushed her hair every night before bed. Bella still woke up every morning with lots of tangles in her hair. It hurt to have the tangles brushed out. Bella decided to find out why her hair would get so tangled every night.

She went to bed that night but only pretended to be sleeping. Soon, she felt something tugging on her hair, so she grabbed her hand to that part of her hair. She felt something in her hand and then heard something say, “Ouch!” She looked at what she had grabbed. A tiny fairy sat in her hand. The little fairy had blue wings, was sparkly and had messy hair.

“Why are you tangling up my hair every night?” she asked the tiny fairy.

The fairy said, “Because I’m a Tangle Fairy!”

Bella could see that the Tangle Fairy was a very naughty fairy. Bella put the Tangle Fairy in her purse so that it couldn’t tangle her hair anymore. But the next morning, her hair was tangled again. Again, she set a trap. Again, she caught a Tangle Fairy. Soon, she had lots of Tangle Fairies in her purse.

She felt bad for the Tangle Fairies being trapped in her purse, so she let them all go and her mommy kept having to brush the tangles out of her hair every morning.