Monday, 12 August 2013

The Rainbow Fairies

The Rainbow Fairies
by Isabella Fyfe (age 8)

There was a little girl named Izzy. She was ten years old and had black hair and sparkling green eyes. She believed in fairies. Everyone told her they weren’t real. Her best friend Sally thought she was silly to believe in them. Her brother Zack thought she was stupid to believe in them, and her parents just shook their heads when she talked about fairies. But Izzy knew they were real.

The problem with believing in fairies is that fairies try very hard not to let anyone see them. They wanted people to think they didn’t exist.

Because Izzy believed with all her heart that fairies were real, one day, she was able to see them. She was walking home from school. It had rained earlier but the sun was out as she walked, and there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky. When Izzy looked closer at the rainbow, she saw the fairies.

There were hundreds of them! They all had different coloured paint brushes. They were flitting about in the air, painting the colours in the rainbow. Izzy smiled to herself. No one would ever believe how rainbows really got their colours if she told them about this.

The fairies were scared that she could see them, fearing that the secret about them being real would be revealed to others, but  Izzy assured them that she wouldn’t tell anyone she had actually seen them. No one ever believed her when she told them fairies were real anyway.

Izzy had always known the truth about fairies. And now she had seen them with her own eyes too! She continued her walk home with a big smile on her face.

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