Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Cloud Fairies

The Cloud Fairy

Originally written on February 25th, 2011

by Isabella, 5 years old

There once was a little girl named Flowa. Flowa had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a lovely smile. One day she was taking a walk and looking at pretty flowers. She heard a sound like the flutter of a bird’s wing and looked up. She saw lots and lots of clouds that were shaped like lots of different dogs. Flowa loved dogs, especially dalmations, so she thought the clouds were really great.

She was watching as the clouds started to drift and change into different shapes when she noticed a tiny little wand sticking out from behind one of the clouds. She knew it must belong to a fairy, but how could she get the fairy to come and talk to her?

Flowa had an idea. She ran home quickly and painted a large sign on some cardboard that said “I love fairies,” and then she went back outside. She held the sign up so that the little fairy (who she assumed owned the wand) could see it.

The little fairy saw her sign and flew down to talk to her. The fairy’s wings looked like clouds and she wore a sparkly blue dress that was the color of the sky. Her hair was long and golden pink like the sunset. The fairy told her that she was a Cloud Fairy and it was her job to shape the clouds into shapes that people would recognize. That was why people so often saw shapes of different things when they looked up at the clouds. She told Flowa that there were lots of Cloud Fairies.

Flowa and the little Cloud Fairy talked for a while and then the Cloud Fairy had to get back to her work of shaping the clouds, so Flowa went home. Flowa liked the little Cloud Fairy and always remembered her whenever she noticed a shape in the clouds.

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  1. Dear Isabella, Your story is wonderful! Just the other day, I discovered the existence of cloud fairies myself. Would you and your mommy like to visit my blog to see what I found out about them? If so, you may visit HealYourPLT.wordpress.com. Thank you for your story and I look forward to reading more about your cloud fairies. x Lynn


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